Signs,dreams and possibly the end of the world

A bit dramatic to say, but as the news report of new diseases breakout every week, Ugg boots being dusted off in Phoenix in April and (fill in the blank of newest national disaster) do all signs point to end of the world?

As it has been over publicized, the Mayans predict the end of the world in 2012. Although recent events may be used as evidence of such a thing, might it be a mere coincidence  that signs are point to “D-Day 2012.” Could the Mayans haves simply ran out of paper or fell asleep while producing the calendar?

Before you start blaring REM non-stop, I am not suggesting such a thing. However, this newest outbreak of events got me thinking about signs, dreams and their meanings. To me, signs, and possibly dreams, are to some what helps people cope and deal with the unknown, however I do not believe it is the end of the world.

I do not believe recent events are signs of the end of the world. I tried to look at them as such, but my head started to explode, literally. The only thing to keep it from going everywhere was my big hair(thank you genetics). I would like to believe if the world was to end, it would be a bit more dramatic with a crazy plot twist.

I do believe however, signs and dreams are what guide us in the journey of life and help us answer questions. It may not be as dramatic or crazy like in two of favorite movies, Fools Rush In or Serendipity(I know Chick Flicks, but consider the source), but I truly believe in signs and dreams maybe nature’s way of telling you to get up and do what you need to do to make your life better and more productive.

Before I get into an Oprah Special, it is human nature to not believe and ignore the signs and dreams. To some, they are just random events that often lead to nothing. And maybe they are, but I do not think they aren’t. I like to think tha some of my life choices were made based on gut choices and signs/dreams that pointed me there. Maybe I am just dreadlocks away from becoming a hippie, but I this is something I believe.

 Perhaps we do not take notice  because we are on the go culture to stop and observe them. But I would like to believe if we have a moment to stop, maybe we would notice for a second. Maybe its a dream, a notice on tree, a huge billboard in Times Square, whatever it it just take notice. What if the answers were there all along. Life is truly what happens while you were making plans, signs are just the Facebook notifications.

So maybe the recent news events are signs of the end of the world. Maybe its a sign to invest in a bunker or build one underneath my apartment. Do you think HOA would fine me if they found my big bunker?

Enough insightful cheeziness for now!

Just in case you do think it is the end of the world, blare this:

This is the preview for Serendipity for the person(you know who you are) who had no idea what I was refering to:


3 weeks to the start of my life…What have I been doing so far?

Welcome to graduating in one of the worst recessions since last worst recession of all time. Can’t find a job, if I do find one, they can’t wait a month for me to graduate and internships that do not pay money, which is fine if they weren’t in New York. Does anyone have a money to send me to New York?

The Class of 2009 and I have a challenge in front of us. The degrees we will hold in our hands will most likely not get us jobs right away. In fact as Burger King and Taco Bell provide money, those jobs may help you out of this pickle. Although there is nothing wrong with working at a fast food place, the degree you paid for will not pay you back right away in this economy. Do you have the talent to create your own job?  Do you have the will power to suck it up and take that job because you need to keep the light on?

Perhaps I am over reacting, but I truly believe that my generation( if you are apart of it our) is the one who needs to find the answer. We need stop look beyond what is in front of our noses and see how and what can be done. You may laugh and smirk, but if no one helps, then we are nothing but separate and will continue on this road. This is the only thing I am certain of, at least today. Let me walk down Tempe and I might change my mind 😉

So the master plan? I think I’ll continue sales at the Photo place and go to Graduate school. There has been some changes and I am starting to work on some writing/ advertising projects which I am excited about. And the good thing  the person I am working with seems just as excited. It is good to find someone who is willing to go that extra step and want to produce quality in creativity. I think it is a quality I find few in people, but a lot at the Cronkite School. I think he’ll let me do what I think the staff and students at the Journalism school has allowed me; think beyond what is in front and look all around. Just don’t tell him that because I am sure he’ll get a big head. 😉

So maybe the unknown can be good. Maybe a recession can be good for the soul(but Obama don’t lack on trying to get us out), maybe it is meant to give us an opportunity to explore. Hey if not for recession I wouldn’t have applied for my Masters. The fear of not having something to fall back on scared me. I am still scared that I will not better than my classmate. I will not be able to what my dreams are. Do I need to change them? Maybe I should take Jay Z’s words of, “I’m a hustla homie,” as a mantra…

Ok I think I am done for now but some suggests for your web day:

If you haven’t read this article:OT_282486_LYTT_LDDANI_11The girl in the window. It won a Pulizter and I was crying the whole time

Our “far” sheriff, Joe Arpaio was on the Colbert Report. Ummmmm welcome. I am not sure how to feel about this, but when Colbert asks to see ID, I think I am in love

And if you got like an hour to kill, I fell in love with The Phone. Basically people try to win money while trying to find a bomber. I am not sure why I am in love, but I love horrible reality shows…

I don’t think my computer has the same smell…

Every morning, the newspaper is dropped in front of my apartment and every morning I pick it up.  I like the feel and the smell. It takes me back to sitting with my dad at the breakfast table or my grandma’s  living room. To me the newspaper encompasses moments and people and for a brief second, there I am again.

However the chances of me reading it…well that’s a different story. While I use two of my senses for the paper, my sense of sight and actually reading(not a sense) the paper is not common. If it isn’t the comics or a quick scan, I will not sit there and read cover to cover while drinking my green tea; that is what my ipod touch is for. The experience is too long, and for someone who can barely breathe for a second, is not an ideal experience for me. I want my news and I want it now, therefore I get my news online or from the blaring TV in the background.The newspaper is not my number one source for news. Is it really for anyone?

News is changing every moment( it probably changed 10 times as I wrote this), and the Internet is what is providing the portal of the news. This is not ground breaking news for anyone, but what is shocking the world is that newspapers are disappearing. No longer is the carbon ink able to stain your hands or carry that amazing smell.  Instead they are turning to online as their main portal for news.Do you think apple has an app for newspaper smell?

However, this transition really shouldn’t be a shock. The signs have been there. As we discussed in my Business of Journalism class, the newspaper business has been a dying breed for some time. Dated back a couple decades plus some,every year revenues of  big metropolitan newspapers have decreased year in and year out. And with so has their readership. Yet, newspapers thought they were the only game in town and for a second they were. Even with the birth of televised 24 hour news, the newspaper was still considered strong. A news program, due to limit time, could not go as in depth as a newspaper article could, therefore the need for newspapers was there. It could tell the whole story, in 800 words or less.

However with the rise of the Internet, newspapers have not kept up with the times, and finds itself tied to cement about to be pushed into the Hudson river. Why buy the paper when you get the same story free? Why buy a paper when or covered the story better online  and for free? When did the Internet run the show?

death of newspapers

death of newspapers

It could be said if the newspaper industry had charged for their content online they wouldn’t be in this mess, but I disagree. I think if media companies had charged for content online, the decline of newspapers as a product would still be an issue. Why buy the paper when I can get an online subscription right here and now? No lines and no waiting behind the pimply kid using the ID of a 56-year-old buying beer. Honestly, I would still buy online content. If the paper did not come to my door every morning, I would not go out of my way to buy it. Too much work.

I think the real problem, and one that is sometime ignored, with newspapers is not the news itself, but at which the product is delivered. The newspaper industry could have saved themselves had they learn to adapt and evolve. Anyone still use a phonograph? Not everyone raise their hand at once.  The way music is heard is not called an MP3 player which could be as small as half the palm of your hand.

Had newspapers changed their portal from print edition of the 18th century to maybe a kindle like device, perhaps the industry would not be in the mess its in.And no, the baby boomers would have not been left in the dust or rebel against the newspaper companies. Had the transition been slow or even progressive, the device my newspaper was delivered, if done by the newspaper company, could have been adaptable. Give this generation some credit. They are the ones speaking of Change before a Mr. Obama came around.

So where does the industry goes from here? Strictly Internet? Jazz up papers? No one in or out the industry knows, and probably won’t until the next Facebook comes around. Why do you think the media is jumping on the Twitter bangwagon which they sort of started? They did not want to miss out on what all the cool kids were doing. But chances are if they do not change their stubborn ways and get off the baby boomer excuse, then let’s start the funeral services. Where will newspapers be buried? Perhaps online.

Oh how I love my major.

Below is a video my professor Tim McGuire posted on Twitter. I thought it made sense with this post.

Say Hello To My Little Old Friends…

This is not a blog to rant; there is a point.

Whoever said senior year was suppose to be fun, lied. Without going into grand detail, I went through a lot the last couple of months and shut myself out from a lot of people.I threw myself into school and stop being as social. The few people I kept in contact with made the effort to. I am not saying others didn’t, but some went above and beyond where I couldn’t ignore them. Maybe it was me shutting the others who went well and above. But by shutting people out, I thought I was doing a service to them by not getting them involved and letting them do them.

In January, I finally got out of my funk and started being me again. I started talking to people, working out, balancing life. I thought all was well in the world.It wasn’t until these last couple of weeks when people came to me and expressed how my leave from the world affected them. Where have you been? Why haven’t you called? Why now? I tried to answer the best I could, some liked the answers while others didn’t. One even went well and beyond to tell me how I hurt him. Their were words were as if each ripped my body a part one section at a time. I cried when he left through the doors and possibly out of my life. A part of me didn’t feel I hurt this person, but he felt I had.

So why write this? Like I said before, this is not a blog for which I rant. It is one that adds the college experience that is soon ending. I ran away. I ran away because I was scared. I ran away because of the future. I ran away. I want to still be that student ready to learn, but in the school of life, no one gets the grades.

A little unknown fact about me, I freak out sometimes when I don’t know what is going to happen. I sometimes let it slide, but sometimes I avoid it so much, I sort of blend in and make it bigger than it is. This is what happen in this case. In this exercise, purposely or not, I found out who my true ride or die friends were. The ones that would be with me no matter what and the ones who would leave when things change. I am not saying I didn’t have friends who I avoided that were not ride or die, but I might have pushed them too far.

So the point is this my friend…if you contiune running away, when you come back the damage is still there and may never be fixed. I lost some good friendsships because I wanted to be selfish, and in the end I was too selfish  Is is my fault? Yes Is it lesson learn? Yes Do I move on? Sort of. My choices are ones I live with and as a walk through this life, it is a lesson I may never move on from.

So here’s to you old, new and future friends….I am sorry if I hurt you. I love our time, wether it is short or long. I may freak out, may stummble, but at least I will be rocking my big hair while doing it.

This is the first blog to the rest of my life

43 days…I have 43 days until graduation. 43 days until “the rest of my life starts.” Could a girl have any more pressure on her? Currently I have no job line up, but this is not because I haven’t tried. As of last Friday, I have applied for countless jobs in a field that has no jobs. Think that’s impossible? Well then you don’t have a degree in journalism.

Oh how I love it so. They told me when I started the degree I would need to know anything and everything. On some days I do, but other days  in class I am sure my head will explode with everything new I must and need to know. Media, for its every changing playground,  is one of the hardest hit by the recession, therefore there are no jobs. Maybe one here or there, but then again everyone is going for it? Can you beat the rat race?

When did my degree become equal to that of toilet paper?  It is as if the work I put in is equal to as if I sat and watched paint these four years. The only difference is my paint is a slightly shiner, expensive paint. It is an analogy that has been over playing in mind for the last month. It scares me not only for myself, but anyone graduating.

Most of our lives, we have been told with a college degree, you can do anything. You will get the dream job you want, be paid more, have money. Was that a lie? Or has the world changed around that no one has an idea what is going on? When did it become confusing?

I say maybe it how life is suppose to be when you about to graduate college.There is no one to tell us that this is next step is or what anything is. Maybe they didn’t and still don’t have the right answers. Maybe they have no idea where their lives are going.

So what is this (fill in some great adjective) girl suppose to? Well maybe I’ll start with a drink, and then it’s off to the job search. McDonalds anyone? At least the Big Mac and fries will comfort me.

So here is to the rest of my life…I think