Buy Another Soda…

The feeling as you sit in a movie theater, and suddenly you have to go to the bathroom during the climax of the movie has to be one of the worst feelings in the world; possibly rated as a top 10.As you silently curse at the cute concession guy for making you spend an extra 50 cents on the large soda, you wonder if I leave right now, am I missing anything?

This scenario may soon be a thing of the past with And no I am not kidding. is literally what is sounds like, and will help you with your movie experience. The concept and site are very simple. Current movies in theaters are broken up into sequences of when are the best times to run and pee are. Included is a description of what to look for in the movie for that opportune time to leave. And if you want to know what you miss, the option to find out is scrambled at the bottom of the screen; all you have to do is click to find out. On some of the clips it even gives you a time frame of long you have until the next exciting moment. This gives how much you have to go and refill your drink plus flirt with the concession guy before heading back to the best parts of the movie.

But does this work? I tried out the run and pee method last Friday during the movie Fame.(side note on the movie, you may want to take a permanent bathroom break). I loaded the site on my phone, and when the urge came, I looked at my phone and saw in about 5 minutes, I could go run, pee, get that drink and would know what I missed. When the 5 minutes came I did just that. When I got back, I sat in my seat, and it was like I never missed a thing.Simply put, I love this tool.Yes, it maybe useless and should have saved my 50 cents, but hey when nature calls, you got to answer or not enjoy the rest of the movie.

The site itself doesn’t use fancy graphics and is still in its beta stage. However with a site like this, you really do not need something too bombastic and in your face. A simple fix up, couple graphics and movie clips will add to meat and bones of the site, but I believe the concept is original, and hey a little fun too!

You can also get via text or as an iPod and iPhone application. Your phone vibrates when the movie you programmed earlier when the best time to pee.I haven’t tried this feature, but maybe next time.

So go on and buy that extra large soda.In fact make it a double! You can run and pee now with no worries.


Now you can make yourself a pretzel at home

I am sure my trainer hates me.

A man a little bit taller than me(I am 5’4 without my constant heels on), who is full a muscle, not going to lie scares me.  Add in the fact that at 7am I am not a happy camper and sometimes cancel on him, makes him even more angry. He is like a mini-hulk if you will.

His mini-hulk came out of him today when I decided to skip cardio and go home to nap. I mean he didn’t actually see me leave, but one could imagine when he went to look for me and I had disappeared. However, when I got home and couldn’t go back to sleep, I felt a little bad. Here is this guy trying to help me out, and I simply wanted to sleep. Oh silly of me. Not ready to do my school work, I decided to look online for some cool videos and there it was.

Right after my fifth parody of Single Ladies for the day was Free Yoga Video. Now I have tried Yoga in a studio and thought it was fun and challenging. However the drive to the studio and cost is a little more than I want to pay to be in a pretzel. But for free? Sounds like a plan! Plus user comments below the video talked about how fun and easy these workouts were. I placed my computer on the top shelf, and got ready for some online yoga. Think of it as my attempt to be the modern Jane Fonda of workouts. Just in case that reference is lost on you, here is a clip. Makes me laugh everytime.

However in the modern age, we have online yoga. It is the same yoga, but without the smelly candles. My experience with yoga online made me wish I had smelly candle, or at least an instructor.The video itself was simple, easy to understand, but I didn’t feel I was getting the work out I would have gotten had I been in an actual yoga class. My body just felt like, why did you have me do this? You should have done a Single Ladies routine instead. I didn’t feel an online workout was helpful.Now the thought did cross my mind that I may have been doing the poses wrong or not at full capacity. I thought I was, but then again I am not a yoga expert; it didn’t feel the same.

I wouldn’t recommend yoga online to people like me with very little experience in yoga. The yoga itself is fun to do when you have a few moments to spare, but do not expect a work out. The poses were not explained as well, possibly making me half ass the work out. I believe having an instructor there would have been helpful or maybe a little Jane Fonda encouragement. Plus the candles do not hurt either.

I am not saying avoid doing online yoga or any time of online exercises. Maybe you are an expert in yoga. Maybe online work outs are your thing, and you excel at them. Who knows? But for the majority of the population, I do not find this to be the case if your goal is to get a good work out. However if you want to try it out, the site where the video originated from is and you can knock yourself out. If hitting a link is too hard, just push play below.

It is like I have been training for this my whole life

Do you see this smile?

Look at my smile!

Look at my smile!

I am smiling because I finally get to play The Beatles Rockband. I am a huge fan of this amazing band. I have Abby Road hanging over my fireplace, albums and random The Beatles gear, but I am not obsessed.More like really really love them in a non-stalkerish sense.

I really wanted to play this game. However, I am not much of a gamer(in fact I own a Wii I bought from my brother and it is sitting in the box. If anyone wants to buy it from me, let me know) and I did not want to buy this game for it to sit there next to Wii. As if the heavens opened up on me, my friend bought the game on a whim, and I was happy to take part. Who am I take her away from such love? I will even help you carry it. (I didn’t, but it is the thought that counts).

After my friend’s impulsive purchase,we ripped the box open and played until the wee hours of the night. From vocals, to drums to guitar we jammed to everyone song, every note, every yellow submarine. At first it was a little hard to try to follow the notes, play with the other players, but after awhile it became easier to understand and cordinate. This may not be the case for more experience gamers, but for starters it is a little hard to get situated. I admit I felt dumb trying to figure out how to follow the colors and strum, but gaming is not my thing.

However, I do think anyone could love this game.In one note, the game took me away from life stresses and there I was a part of the fab four. Granted, I do love the band, but for me the concept of the game was not too difficult to understand, and can see why people can get engulf in the game or any game like it.

Would it have been different if had it not been The Beatles? Yes, because the songs themselves would not have brought back the memories and my love for the group. No, because I think the Rockband was made to combine gamers and non-gamers alike. The game itself has quick, pick your favorite song and play, but it also has levels you can beat to become the best. I will never be the one trying to strive for the best when it comes to games, but the thought did cross my mind to try to steal the game away to maybe become one. However trying to walk off with the drum set might have been a hard one.

It like the iPhone except I can’t make calls

I am a huge fan of music. You need to know this to understand the rest of the post.  We can now proceed.

This has been a looooooong time coming. But finally the day is here:

Yep it's on fire

Yep it's on fire

I finally got my iPod Touch! I have been without an iPod or any Mp3 player for almost six months. Now to some, this might not seem like a big deal, but to me, it felt like my arm and my left ear were missing. When the day came to finally purchase this amazing advancement of technology(thank you raise at job),I jumped up and grab the new addition to the iPod family: the iPod 64 gb touch. Was it worth the wait? Ummm if there is a word above hell yea, then that is where we are at my friend; at the top.

The user interface and experience is taken to another level. Unlike other Mp3 players,  the iPod touch allows users to customize their players with music, applications, backgrounds and pretty much anything your heart, and wallet, may desire.Using touch technology, a user has everything literally at their fingertips from news, music, Facebook, the score of the game.No longer does the dial or desktop rule, all you got to do is touch it.

How does this compare to the old iPod touches? I can gather more than likely this version is the faster, pricier model, but seems to be like the previous models. It maybe a recession, but Apple is seemingly untouchable.

There are a few downfall is that it needs Wifi for everything, but listening to music. And although it has everything like an iPhone, you can’t make a phone call, thereby making some of the features like voice dial and contacts a bit useless. And contrary to reports, the new edition doesn’t have a camera, but you able to upload them via computer. However, the buyer, aka me, most likely went into the purchase thinking they are buying a Mp3 player, not a phone. I might have bought an iPhone had I been able to stay with my provider, but alas I will stay with the touch.

It is like the Diet Coke of Social Networking

With over 300 million users, Facebook has become one of the largest and fastest growing sites in the world. If you are not a part of the phenomenon, who are you really?

With so many users, Facebook developers have come to a crossroads of how to keep everyone happy without them leaving for greener pastures(MySpace anyone?).They have added applications, quizzes and pretty much anything your little heart desire, but is it too much?

For some it might be. The solution? Facebook Lite. The site itself is how it sounds, the Facebook that lost weight. There are no advertisements, liking a post or applications. The news feeds, photographs, comments and others  are limited to only a selected few to get your fix.

In a sense, it was made for people where the usual Facebook site is too complicated. Too many friends, too many feeds; too many of too much. And Yes, the original one can sometimes be overwhelming, especially with ads, and perhaps too much information about people you don’t care about. I mean how many times are Jack and Jill going to break up and why do I care?

Facebook Lite takes all the hassle away and more, at least on the surface. But  in reality, Facebook Lite has the same basis information and tools(except applications). However, instead of everything being right in front of you, Facebook decided to store the information away, as if in a filing cabinet for you to find later. To be honest, this new tool was a waste of Facebook’s developers time. I found the site good for the quick fix, but if I wanted to spend time on Facebook Lite, I might as well use the regular site.

Facebook Lite. It is the same Facebook you are use to, but without some of the sugar and just as bad for you.

Reaction to Media: Some things you got to learn

Maybe I should pay attention to the rules. Maybe I should have changed my line up. Maybe I should have studied more. Maybe it would have helped me with my fantasy score.

Trying a new media, but not actually learning how it works is this week’s theme: Learn how media you use.

What brought on today’s theme class? Fantasy Football. To say that I did horrible and sucked majorly would be an understatement. My opponent scored not only twice more than me, but probably four times than my whole bench, and anyone else in town. Adrian Peterson anyone? Oh Bananas!

I do not believe any of my teams players won and if they did, they hid it pretty well. I should have known better than going with a Chicago defense. Do not get me wrong. I have plenty of family in the Chicago area and love them, and the city, dearly. And I believe they have had great sports teams(retract for cubbies) who have won including an amazing Bears defense, but honey this is not 1985. The Super Bowl Shuffle is not coming back. The 2009 defense has killed me this week and probably will for weeks to come. (I know they are not only to blame, but someone needs to).

How does this rant go with experiencing new media? Well the obvious is lack of preparation and understanding of the medium lead to my demise. It is like with learning how to drive. My momma didn’t throw me the keys, and go “honey just drive.” (My mom barely let me walked out of the house without the proper padding). She sat with me for hours teaching me how to turn the car on, park it, turn it, not hit the dog with it; you know the usually things. I shouldn’t have gotten into Fantasy Football without the proper padding.

What is the lesson learned? Before trying a new medium out, simply look around. Play with things, read other users comments, or simply ask a friend how their experience was. However, even when you try it out, until you go into it head first, you will not really know until you experience it. This isn’t like Facebook and iTunes where you can leave for a second, not invest much and come back with little change. Along with knowing the medium, I have to count on real life players to not have not gone buck crazy the night before. This is more of an investment and commitment to a medium than what I was expecting, but then again I didn’t properly prepare.

So where to go? Research and prayer….alot of it. Using media like,, and nameless other sources to help possibly reshape this crisis and my experience with the medium. Why did I ever become involved?

FOOTBALL! FOOTball! Football!

It’s that time of year my friends. The time when you wake up from our baseball comas,dust off our pads and get ready for NFL Football! Woot!

Now football is a great sport, it is not my favorite(sorry basketball wins everytime) But I do love to watch it. My teams? Raiders and Cardnials(I know, I may never see my team win the Superbowl. I have accepted this, you should too.) However, it still a gay ole time.

Wait stop!How is football a new medium when I been watching it for 22 and some change years? It’s new when you decide to give into the pressure and do fantasy football for the first time. I was sort of trying to avoid doing such a task, especially against people who belong to the Football Church of Christ and know anything and everything. But I was suck in when an offer I couldn’t refuse came up. My friend Paul decided to start a fantasy league made up of first timers to fantasy football. I got pumped! A league of people who knew about football, never did this before and there was money involved? OK Sally, I am in.

The thought that this would be a league of people who didn’t know too much about the league quickly disappeared in about oh 15 minutes before the draft started. As I walked into draft day, I had put about 5 hours or so of studying, talking to my brother and friends about what to do. Although this sounds like a lot, I had ummm like 6 weeks to prepare, and decided against doing this much work. I didn’t think anyone else was. Wrong choice my friend.As I walked into Paul’s house, I saw people with paper, books, articles and tools they had used in the past months to prepare themselves for this moment. I brought chips.

All hope was not lost as I walked in ready to go. I picked my number of selection, and got 10 as in 10th pick out of 10 people. For those who don’t know or done this process, this means 9 other people get to pick before me, and then I get to go twice but then not again until like 20 million picks later. This was going to be an amazing time, let me tell you. I decided maybe this was not something for me. Should have studied more.

Without boring you with the picks(although Mr. Larry Fitzgerald was picked 1st) the process itself was fun, but extremely long. Like 5 hours long, which is one hour short than my study time. It might have gone quicker if had not decided to poop out and not work. We had to revert back to the olden days of paper and pencil. Sounds alright until you get someone asking if Peterson has been picked yet(he went number 2).

It was fun doing it was friends, but next time, let us shorten this, read the rules and do this right. This shouldn’t be this hard. Here are my starters for fantasy. I will definitely beat the boys with this.

QB Eli Manning, NYG QB
RB Chris Johnson, Ten RB
RB Cadillac Williams, TB RB
RB/WR Torry Holt, Jac WR
WR Andre Johnson, Hou WR
WR Derrick Mason, Bal WR
TE Dallas Clark, Ind TE
D/ST Bears D/ST, Chi D/ST
K Robbie Gould, Chi K