23 things I want to do in my 23rd year(or 24 if we want to be technical)

I stole this idea from one of my good friends. However 22 was a weird year so why not try to change that? Some of these are funny, some serious and some just need to be done. So here are 23 things I want to do during my 23rd year.

1) Spend more time with family and friends that have your back. Do not waste time with people because you feel bad when they wouldn’t do the same.

2) Donate my hair to locks of love

3) Be more direct, not passive aggressive. I sometimes don’t say things to make sure people don’t get mad at me. However somethings need to be said.

4) Go Zip Lining

5) Loose ** lbs and change my eating habits

6) Learn the secret to my nana’s chocolate chip cookies…

7) Write a funny story about my Grandpa

8 ) See the Suns win a championship…*cross fingers*( might change this before I die)

9) Kiss in the Rain

10) Start my applied project for grad school

11) Travel to a new state or country

12) Buy a lottery ticket when the jackpot is 100 million

13) Maybe update my blog more…maybe

14) Clean my closet out of clothes I never wear. Also clean out things I don’t need. Donate both.

15) Take an unplanned trip for a couple days.

16) Eat something new that I have never ate before. Deer Maybe?

17) Redesign my bedroom

18) Ask a guy out on a date

19) Learn to ride a bike

20) Having an amazing St.Patty’s to make up for the lack of one when I was 22

21) Go to a Cardinals game in their new stadium

22) Let people know I love and appreciate them. I would not be who I am without any of them

23) Make 23 better than 22. Do not be depress about it. Wait until you are dead.

24) Actually do these things

There you go..We will see how much of this I get done, hopefully all of it.