Desert Girl Cracking a Crab

I have been to many,many places around this great planet of ours, and with that I have been able to try a variety of food. As a picky eater in my everyday life, trying new foods is never high on my to-do list. But it seems when I travel, I always end up eating something of the sort from frogs to kangaroos. This last trip was to Maryland for my cousin’s wedding (I know. I have a lot of them. Save it), and for the first time I got to eat Maryland crab. Now while walking around this fine, humid state, all I saw was crab statues, posters, bumper stickers, you name it. Crabs everywhere, and possibly places I had not search. Now without adding a bad joke into this, I needed to know what this crab business gone bananas was all about, and this desert girl needed to know.

Without ruining my manicure, I smashed and broke my way through and ate the crab. There were some injuries like cuts and stab wounds in the process, but after the first bite, I got what the big deal was. I ate not just one, but like five of them Maryland crabs. I was in love, and said I live so far away to not be able to enjoy crab all the time. Yes five does sound like a lot, but If you think about it, it is like one big chicken because there is so little meat in there, or at least that is what I told my trainer. Below is my demonstration of how to eat a Maryland crab.

Sidenote: This is mostly for my mother, who is the only one of two people who did not have a Facebook (my dad is number two) Because of all people she got the biggest kick out of this. Why? I am not sure, but here we go.