My Hometown

Hi my name is Maria Konopken and I am from Mesa Arizona.

I do not say this statement above as a confession for an addiction or something I am ashamed of. For those who weren’t a part of the birthing process, I was born and raised in Mesa. I speak about my hometown with pride and joy. However I do see there are some faults in my city like buildings falling apart, construction that never ends, and a lack of glamour. It doesn’t help that Mesa is Spanish for table. It is no Phoenix rising from the ashes.I have became accustomed to that fact Mesa is the Jane Brady of Maricopa County.We are no Marsha like Phoenix is. I see there are some faults, but I can point them out because its my city.

However, recently my table of a city was named by Forbes as one of America’s Most Boring Cities. According to Forbes, Mesa has lace of diverse activities, lack of media attention, and something abut a housing bubble that make Mesa boring.Some of you are probably agreeing with Forbes, especially those from glamorous cities in the state that were not name like Yuma or Tucson;you know the happening places.

But are you kidding me Forbes? Are you kidding?How can you say Mesa is boring when you haven’t visited? I get it. From the outside Mesa may lack what some call glamour, bright lights, and nature, but had you been to Mesa, you would know we are far from boring.

Infact did you know you can go ice skating year around in Mesa? Yes you heard right ice skating.Can’t do that in New York City. I have seen Rockerfella in the Summer. A bunch tables, tourist, and pigeons, and last time I checked, it was frowned upon to go ice skating on pigeons.

But in Mesa, you can go ice skating at  Fiesta Mall. I know what you about to say. Maria I have never heard, nor seen any ice at the mall, and you wouldn’t be lying. There is technically no ice, but you can do a similar version of it called Nylon skating. Go to Payless Shoe Store, grab the nylons you put on when you try on shoes, but put it on the bottom of your shoes. Do not wear heels, this will end badly. You then zooooom right out of the store dodging vendors, signs, and small children. Try not to hit anyone or break anything. The mall itself is pretty big so you can spend a couple of hours in the mall, having fun, and not buy a thing. People may look at you funny, but remember its apart of Mesa’s Charm.

Once you get tired of skating, head across the street. There you will see a tall blue building. Some people might call it the blue light, some a high-rise, I call it the Bank of America building. Possibly the tallest and the only high-rise in Mesa. Little known story about the building, the man responsible for that building had dreams for the table city. He wanted Mesa to be a metropolis full of people, corporations, and high rises. Sort of on the same level  as Phoenix. It would have been great however, these dreams were soon dashed when this little thing called embezzlement happen to the guy and gone was the money and the dream. I should end this story by saying, I am not sure if that was true. My mom might have told me this just to shut me up, and thought I wouldn’t remember it. As you see, this clearly work.

So what can you do in one of the only skyscrapers in Mesa? Have you been to Disneyland? Heard of the ride haunted mansion? Well think of the bank of America building as Mesa’s own Disneyland ride without the high prices and creepy guy with gloves. You simply walk in the building, go the elevators and go up and down and up and down. You can have a short ride. You can have a long ride. You can try to get to the 13th floor. You can stop chat with people and I am sure there is  free food somewhere in that building. Have fun, no line, and cost you nothing.You will probably be escorted out of the building, but just remember its apart of mesa’s charm

If physical activity or amusement parks aren’t your thing how about a relaxing day at the Salt River Tubing?  Do not quote me, but I think it’s the only city’s natural water sources mixed with beer, marshmallows, and sea creatures from the black lagoon. Do not be scared, it helps you float better, but then again that could be a rumor. Anyways to get to the salt river, you pile everyone and their nana into the car. Drive down a long ride into the middle of the desert. Drive until you see somewhat of a civilization, park your car and get your hot as an oven tube. A bus with no seat belts and maybe no ac and a driver who thinks they are in NASCAR will take you to this water and you have arrived. For the next 5 to 6 hours, you will be sitting on a hot tub in the 120 degree heat. You may get 3rd degree burns, you may lose your shoes, and you may even meet the creatures from the black lagoon, but again all its all about Mesa’s charm.

I think I have made my points clear of why Mesa is fun exciting and definitely not boring. If you don’t like my suggests, I do have more. There is plenty to do in mesa like ummmmmmm Well just take my word for it. Who you going to trust, a native or everything you read online.

Hi may name is Maria Konopken and I am from Mesa Arizona.


For The Love Of Music

Recently  Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did a remix on the history or rap. If you know me, you know I am a fan of music, and this pretty much made my day. Enjoy, and I will be back real soon.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Watch Episodes, Video, and Clips for Free – NBC Official Site.