Writing #100happydays

I use to write more. Not for business, but like for fun. I am not sure why I don’t. Maybe because I would have to face myself or even be proud and loud of the woman I am starting to be.

We are often told to not praise and shout from the rooftops of our accomplishments and achievements. May make others feel bad or what have you. The truth is, I am proud of who I am and how long this journey has been to get there.

Am I 100% proud and happy? No. I stay busy to avoid myself sometimes, or get sad when my focus excludes me from the group. I told my boss last week that I want I be noticed without having to scream it. She told me I have never been the quiet one. Her statement got me thinking and reflecting more on that, and why I’ve chosen the path I have. The answer is, I was miserable before. Before I found improv. Before I found running. Before being comfortable in my own skin.

Sure I have always been loud, but now I need to be with a purpose. Say I love you more. Say I am lucky to have you. Say I am happy. I often joke that my 18 year old self would hate my 27 year old self because she wouldn’t think I was cool for drinking Angry Orchard and writing on Thirsty Thursday. That 18 year old should probably put down the Bud Light.

So I’ve decided to do the #100happydays challenge. For 100 days starting 03/28/14, I will post a picture on Instagram @mariakonopken of something that makes me happy. I have no idea what that might be, but let’s do this. I won’t write everyday here, but maybe once a week or so. I just love the below picture they have on their site. Sweet screenshot I know. Here goes everything.

Hugs and Skittles!