For The Love Of Music

Recently  Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did a remix on the history or rap. If you know me, you know I am a fan of music, and this pretty much made my day. Enjoy, and I will be back real soon.

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One week, no iPod: Friday

For those who don’t know, I gave up my beloved iPod for one week and kept a journal. The reason why is for a horrible school assignment that is meant as a form of torture. Here is day three as transcribed via my notebook. Read Day One FirstThen Day Two. Then Day ThreePlus Day Four. Add Day Five and you will be caught up. The contents of the notebook have not been edited, therefore my stream of consciousness may or may not make sense. However sometimes my edited writing doesn’t either. And yes my mind does think this way. Here we go.

9:15am: After what happen yesterday, I thought maybe I wouldn’t worry too much about my iPod. Clearly that lasted oh a day. On the walk to class, I still miss it. Thank God tomorrow is the last day. Have I really improved since day one? I would like to think so because although I do miss it, I do not go to grab my phone to avoid people or plugged in.  But the silence of the walk still bothers me especially because less and less people are on campus.

9:30am: Still dependent on other media. Apologizing to a classmate for not telling her about the reading because all I had was her Facebook, and she gave that up this week. It is strange with all this technology and media that for some, you may only have one outlet to communicate with some friends. I maybe should get her email.

1:06pm: “Watching” TV for the last hour while working on school work.  Throughout the shows, I hear a couple new and old songs that I am needing to download. I make a mental note to download them later. At this point, I would have just downloaded them onto my iPod and be done with it, but it is the same ole song and dance.

1:10pm: Giving up! I am going on iTunes to download those songs.

1:12pm: Stupid iTunes is being a pain. Giving up that.

3:34pm: Karli has her new iPod touch! It is just like mine, but cooler. A ting of jealousy runs through my body. Does it count if I play with hers because it is not mine? Peanut gallery? Ok you win this time.

6:08pm: It is times like these that I truly miss my iPod. While I have tried to catch up with my favorite podcasts this week, I haven’t. It is a pain to me to turn on my computer, go to the podcast’s website, and download it when I can do it straight from my iPod. I rather just listen to the radio while I get ready. I know I do not get to listen to my music without commericals, but it is quick and easy. I only have a short time before I have to go. I do not need to spend it messing with my computer.

2:21am: My apartment is quiet…too quiet to fall asleep. I am a person who finds comfort in noise and being connected. It may sound weird, but I feel less alone. Shoot! What were those songs again?

My love obsession with my iPod

One of my favorite pieces I have written in graduate school, and I thought I would share. Here we go:

Oh, I just don’t know where to begin


It is 5:45 in the morning. Again. This time seems to appear every morning, and as I hit the snooze button one last time on my phone, music is heard at high screeching volumes over my iPod deck. It is Mother Nature’s technological way of telling me to get up and go to yoga. As I start my routine again, the music continues to play. Sometimes it is Janis Joplin that wakes me up.

I pulled my harpoon out of my dirty red bandanna/

I was playing soft while Bobby sang the blues.

Sometimes Jay Z

“H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A / Fo’ sheezy my neezy keep my arms so freezy /

Can’t leave rap alone the game needs me /

Haters want me clapped and chromed it ain’t easy

But most of time it is random, and will usually set the mood of the day. My iPod shouldn’t control me the way it does. In fact, I am the one who can press the buttons to choose and predict my day. But most of the time this is not the case. Whatever comes on over the loud speakers is usually what will continue to play as I get ready for another day, another dollar. (A special thanks to those lyrics that seem to play every morning).

The music comes with me as I run out the door, late again.

You better run for your life if you can, little girl

I can never seem to be on time for anything, and I think my iPod knows it. It is the medium that goes everywhere with me, and spends more time with me than my best friend. In fact, it may me know me better than my best friend. Although my best friend knows my deepest, darkest secrets, she doesn’t truly know all my emotions at any given time; it may be too much for her to handle. But my iPod, the device that hangs out with me 24 hours a day, and is never more than twenty feet away, does know every emotion at any given time.  It knows when I am happy, when I’m upset, and can fill in the emotion of the moment. Maybe the music does not start playing right away, but when I press ‘play,’ the lyrics just pour out. As it sings over my speakers or headset, the music affects and/or continues to affect my mood. As I continue to get lost in the music, my iPod seems to enhance my mood. This happens to me all the time no matter where I am. It may know me too well.

It can be argued that perhaps it is the music itself that changes my mood or knows how to change it.  This may be true. I have always loved music, and all forms of it. From classical to blues to rock to hip hop, music has been with me day and night. Some of the best times of my life had music involved in some form or another. My parents were always playing music. My dad would play it as we drove around the city, with the Temptations singing during our conversations.

I‘ve got so much honey the bees envy me/

I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees.

I always loved rapping in the car with my cousins as they took me out for ice cream, swimming, or other safe things my mom approved of, but I don’t think rapping was one of them.

This speech is my recital, I think it’s very vital/

To rock a rhyme, that’s right on time/

It’s Tricky is the title, here we go…

Or memories of my Grandma and I dancing around her house to Michael Jackson

Oh I’ll Be Workin’ From Nine To Five/

To Buy You Things To Keep You By My Side

Music has always played a huge role in my life. I loved it so much that I studied the history of it, how to harmonize and dance with it, and hope to create my own style. I never became a master of it; rather enjoyed more watching those more talented produce the sounds and beats around me. I was always plugged into the music.

However, I was never able to listen to music when I wanted, where I wanted, and what song to play without some hassle of finding and/or retrieving it. Changing the song or artist on my tape deck or CD player seem too big of a hassle, especially if I was laying down comfortably, or couldn’t carry the many upon many cassettes. I would be stuck listening to  whatever tape I had, and although I did like it the first 20 times, number 21 was always the one drink too many.

One drink to remember, then another to forget

Although I was still always plugged in, this remained a problem until a year ago when I bought my first iPod in November 2008. Buying my first iPod almost five years after they had hit the market and mainstream may seem weird to some, considering I had just proclaimed my love for music, but at first I was not too please with the models of iPods. Although you could have all your music in one place with easier access, it was not too easy for me. One simple dial to try to select my song of the moment fit in the same category as my tape/ CD player. If I wanted to change the song or put new music on it, I had to go home to do it. To me this seemed like another version of putting in a new tape of CD. I still had to put effort into it, and it was too much of a hassle.

But then came my brother. My brother is the genius of the family when it comes to discovering and trying out new technology. Although I will never to his face tell him this, I always trust his opinion when it comes to new technology. This thought was never truer than on a trip to Hawaii where I saw his new iPod, the iPod touch. Holding and playing with this new medium was almost like love at first sight.

Hello, I love you/

Won’t you tell me your name?

My music, with a simple touch, could play through the system, be downloaded and with one simple touch; I was in love for the first time. However, like all first loves, heartbreak would soon follow. This iPod, my love, did not belong to me, but to my brother, who, for some strange reason, wanted it back. As I reluctantly gave my new toy/friend back to my brother, I felt as sense of sadness, heartache, and several other words that mean loneliness.

Hello, Darkness, my old friend

Although you never forget your first love, I knew it could be replaced with other iPods in the sea. As soon as I could, almost a year later, I finally bought my first iPod, the iPod touch. Ever since I made that purchase, I constantly have my iPod with me using it beyond its original purpose. Yes I do still listen to music all day, but at the same time, my iPod touch keeps me connected to the daily events in news and sports. With one simple touch, I can not only read about the Phoenix Suns (the other true love of my life), but also listen to a podcast about my favorite team throughout the day, and on the go.  Like with my music, I no longer have to wait until I get home to watch television and/or listen to the radio to hear the 30 seconds I have waited 30 minutes to see/hear. My iPod keeps me connected to the world around me while I walk to class, at work, or simply trying to tune the world out. It knows what I want, when I want it.

Having my iPod on me, and being constantly plugged in may be strange; but then again people are strange, and so are their habits. For me, I love having music around me. As I stated before, some of my best memories have music involved with them. Why wouldn’t I want that as some part of my routine everyday? To help set the tone of the day, and make it better. To me, one of the convenient ways to establish this is with my iPod.

I may be a little obsessed and attached to my iPod, and perhaps I am, but it the medium I choose to use and stay connected. As I think back to the day’s events, I feel having my iPod constantly there adds to the soundtrack of my life. Maybe this makes my life the musical I had always dream it to be. And although I may not sing or dance the entire time, my iPod adds the needed spark life should have in it. For some it is a spark they get from working out, dancing, or anything the mind and heart can desire. In my case music provides that spark, and the iPod is the medium that helps bring it everyday.

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make

It is like I have been training for this my whole life

Do you see this smile?

Look at my smile!

Look at my smile!

I am smiling because I finally get to play The Beatles Rockband. I am a huge fan of this amazing band. I have Abby Road hanging over my fireplace, albums and random The Beatles gear, but I am not obsessed.More like really really love them in a non-stalkerish sense.

I really wanted to play this game. However, I am not much of a gamer(in fact I own a Wii I bought from my brother and it is sitting in the box. If anyone wants to buy it from me, let me know) and I did not want to buy this game for it to sit there next to Wii. As if the heavens opened up on me, my friend bought the game on a whim, and I was happy to take part. Who am I take her away from such love? I will even help you carry it. (I didn’t, but it is the thought that counts).

After my friend’s impulsive purchase,we ripped the box open and played until the wee hours of the night. From vocals, to drums to guitar we jammed to everyone song, every note, every yellow submarine. At first it was a little hard to try to follow the notes, play with the other players, but after awhile it became easier to understand and cordinate. This may not be the case for more experience gamers, but for starters it is a little hard to get situated. I admit I felt dumb trying to figure out how to follow the colors and strum, but gaming is not my thing.

However, I do think anyone could love this game.In one note, the game took me away from life stresses and there I was a part of the fab four. Granted, I do love the band, but for me the concept of the game was not too difficult to understand, and can see why people can get engulf in the game or any game like it.

Would it have been different if had it not been The Beatles? Yes, because the songs themselves would not have brought back the memories and my love for the group. No, because I think the Rockband was made to combine gamers and non-gamers alike. The game itself has quick, pick your favorite song and play, but it also has levels you can beat to become the best. I will never be the one trying to strive for the best when it comes to games, but the thought did cross my mind to try to steal the game away to maybe become one. However trying to walk off with the drum set might have been a hard one.

Signs,dreams and possibly the end of the world

A bit dramatic to say, but as the news report of new diseases breakout every week, Ugg boots being dusted off in Phoenix in April and (fill in the blank of newest national disaster) do all signs point to end of the world?

As it has been over publicized, the Mayans predict the end of the world in 2012. Although recent events may be used as evidence of such a thing, might it be a mere coincidence  that signs are point to “D-Day 2012.” Could the Mayans haves simply ran out of paper or fell asleep while producing the calendar?

Before you start blaring REM non-stop, I am not suggesting such a thing. However, this newest outbreak of events got me thinking about signs, dreams and their meanings. To me, signs, and possibly dreams, are to some what helps people cope and deal with the unknown, however I do not believe it is the end of the world.

I do not believe recent events are signs of the end of the world. I tried to look at them as such, but my head started to explode, literally. The only thing to keep it from going everywhere was my big hair(thank you genetics). I would like to believe if the world was to end, it would be a bit more dramatic with a crazy plot twist.

I do believe however, signs and dreams are what guide us in the journey of life and help us answer questions. It may not be as dramatic or crazy like in two of favorite movies, Fools Rush In or Serendipity(I know Chick Flicks, but consider the source), but I truly believe in signs and dreams maybe nature’s way of telling you to get up and do what you need to do to make your life better and more productive.

Before I get into an Oprah Special, it is human nature to not believe and ignore the signs and dreams. To some, they are just random events that often lead to nothing. And maybe they are, but I do not think they aren’t. I like to think tha some of my life choices were made based on gut choices and signs/dreams that pointed me there. Maybe I am just dreadlocks away from becoming a hippie, but I this is something I believe.

 Perhaps we do not take notice  because we are on the go culture to stop and observe them. But I would like to believe if we have a moment to stop, maybe we would notice for a second. Maybe its a dream, a notice on tree, a huge billboard in Times Square, whatever it it just take notice. What if the answers were there all along. Life is truly what happens while you were making plans, signs are just the Facebook notifications.

So maybe the recent news events are signs of the end of the world. Maybe its a sign to invest in a bunker or build one underneath my apartment. Do you think HOA would fine me if they found my big bunker?

Enough insightful cheeziness for now!

Just in case you do think it is the end of the world, blare this:

This is the preview for Serendipity for the person(you know who you are) who had no idea what I was refering to: