Hello almost 30. #mk30

I turned 28 about a month ago. In that time, probably out of forgetfulness and life, it took me a month to come up with 30. So here goes nothing.

30 things to do before 30

1) Lose 40 Lbs

2) Learn to ride a bike

3) Be Fluent in Spanish

4) Run 730 miles

5) Pay off my debts

6) Learn to play the guitar  

7) Fall in love

8) Run a half marathon in 2:45

9) Ask my parents about the day I was born. 

10) Visit a new state/country 

11) Kiss as snow is falling

12) Write a cook book

13) Tour Vandermill 

14) Visit Dinosaur farm

15) Go apple picking

16) Create a new Chicago improv group

17) Create a piece of art

18) Volunteer for 30 hours.  

19) Take a trapeze class

20) Perform at a Story Telling Event.

21) Graduate from iO

22) Read 30 new books

23) Write at least 30 short stories

24) Be a part of a parade

25) Complete T25

26) Take a ballet class

27) Ride a motorcycle 

28) Have a savings so I don’t have to work for six months

29) Get Headshots 

30) Something you didn’t think of.